Event Tech Circus: 10 tips voor het inzetten van nieuwe technologie

EVENENEMENTEN COMMUNICATIE - Het eerste Event Tech Circus in Amsterdam RAI was een succes. Niet zo zeer door het aantal van ruim 50 deelnemers, maar door de zinvolle discussies, presentaties en 15 start ups die hun product aanboden. EventBranche.nl sprak met William Thomson van organisator Gallus Events. Binnenkort een video met 1 minute pitches van alle start ups (zie foto). Onder de video 'ten tips to use eventtechnology'.

1.Technology is an option within your events; it is not the only solution. You have to weigh up pros/cons and looks at impact and difficulties that technology may bring. This is sure to be a key issue between our organisers and our startups.

2.Technology has to add value and you should be able to demonstrate in detail how your chosen technology can do this: it is not a vanity purchase.

3.Open your mind and do look at every technological option as there are potentially very big benefits to be found even from free technologies. Our wide range of startups will certainly give attendees a great place to start!

4.Technology moves very quickly and so must you. So do subscribe to our wonderful Media Partner Event Manager Blog and also look out for similar event tech events like Tech Fest in London in July.

5.Focus on the attendee experience and ask yourself a very important question: “What added value does your chosen technology bring to the attendee?”

6.The role of technology in supporting your event is potentially more important than its’ direct impact on attendees. Technology can save time allowing you to focus on adding value.

7.Do as you do, not as you say. There is no better way to stay on top of technology than by immersing yourself in it. And by attending Event Tech Circus attendees will certainly be doing that.

8.Event technology is becoming a specialism so be open to paying an unbiased specialist for their advice.

9.Shop around. Use recommendations, your network and cutting edge events like EventTechCircus and Tech Fest to find the best technologies out there.

10.You get what you pay for. If you are paying little or nothing for technology then you are likely to get only the basic functionality. Many of our startups operate a “freemium” model and it will be interesting to see how popular this approach is with our attendees as they vote for Best Event Startup at Event Tech Circus.

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