Gouden Giraffe Event Awards 2021: Tony's Fair 2019

GOUDEN GIRAFFE EVENT AWARDS – Prachtige cases, liefst 70 in getal, doen deze editie een gooi naar de Gouden Giraffe Event Awards. Op EventBranche.nl vind je van alle cases de feiten en cijfers. Dit is Tony's Fair 2019.

Tony's Fair 2019

Opdrachtgever: Tony's Chocolonely 

Categorie: Brand Events

Bureau: Brownys Event Productions

Fysiek of online event: Fysiek

Jaar: 2019


Korte omschrijving:

Ehh.. Tony’s FAIR? For the last 7 years this has been the coolest and most inspiring annual meeting in the world, based in Amsterdam. Over the years it has grown into a massive event, where we present our annual FAIR report to everyone who is important to us, from our business relations such as retailers and cocoa farmers to our choco fans. We look back on what we’ve achieved and give a sneak peek into our future plans. Always with an impactful program full of inspiring speakers, performances and a whole lot of chocolate fun. 


Big deal! Our Big Choco brothers and sisters pledged to: “reduce child labour, in Ghana and Ivory Coast by 70%”. More excitedly their self-pledged deadline ends fall 2020. That’s pretty great, right? Actually our Big Choco brothers and sisters signed their first joint agreement (Harkin–Engel Protocol) making a similar promise, 18 years ago. That first promise was the reason our very first Tony (actually Teun) decided after a few years, to take a look and check up on their progress. There wasn’t any. Big Choco was lacking complete responsibility.

We decided to raise the bar and show our Big Choco brothers and sisters how a chocolate bar could be produced, without illegal child labour or modern slavery. We succeed in our uhh.. first effort. While we were figuring out how to create an even bigger impact, our Big Choco brothers and sisters failed their first deadline and then resigned a new one (2005), and then another (2008) then after that they signed a declaration (2010) which by 2015 was then delayed till 2020. That’s nuts! Right? Right.

Make some noise
Our first Tony’s Chocolonely bar made in 2005, paved the way for our 36,5 million bars we produced last year. We built, invented and created roadmaps, tools and giant successes with an ALMOST (see here) 100% slave free chocolate bar (not to mention the crazy delicious tastes). There’s absolutely no reason it can’t be done. We are doing it. We are proving it. You are tasting it. It’s the reason why we exist. More importantly our super secret business recipe is open-source and therefore available for every Big Choco brother and sister in the industry aka Tony's Open Chain. 5 easy to follow principles, guaranteeing their self-pledged reduction and even beyond (we have no secrets for anyone). make some noise We aim to inspire our Big Choco brothers and sisters to act and join us in taking responsibility for the complete supply chain. In response we are getting Promises, promises. That’s bittersweet. One year left. We can do this. Time to raise their bar and demand action. Time to #MakeSomeNoise make some noise From new rebel on the block to market leader.

Tony’s had no prior cocoa knowledge 14 years ago when producing it’s first chocolate bar. Next years estimation is a production of a 100 million chocolate bars, without illegal child labour or modern slavery. Tony’s is proving again and again, it can be done. That’s a stark difference with Big Choco. While Tony’s was raising it’s bar, Big Choco was lowering theirs. The industry best kept secret is ‘promises’. That’s why this years FAIR will underscore Tony’s ability to shake up the industry. The promise game is over. It’s time to raise their bar and demand action. Time to #MakeSomeNoise 

Effect & Impact:

1. Awareness of Tony's mission.

2. Increase the number of Serious Friends

3. Make some noise 

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Ook dit jaar is er weer een Gouden Giraffe Event Awards Publieksprijs. Waar de Giraffen uitgereikt worden aan de hand van experts in de jury, draait het bij de Publieksprijs om het aantal stemmen. Wie had het meest creatieve concept, zowel met als zonder RIVM-maatregelen. Twee events worden deze editie dus beloond en jij bepaalt!

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