Omzetverlies in Europese eventsector 125 miljard: 'Gebruik events als 'snelweg' naar herstel'

03-05-2020 - EVENEMENTEN EN CORONA - De European Exhibition Industry Alliance (EEIA) komt namens vele internationale event-, beurs- en congresorganisaties met een krachtig statement richting de EU: de eventsector is de snelweg naar economisch herstel, de branche van live communicatie en evenementen kan en moet daar een belangrijke rol in spelen.

Namens de diverse brancheorganisaties, waaronder LiveCom Alliance, stelt EEIA: de eventsector is relevant voor verticale industrieen en economisch herstel. In de brief wordt gewezen op het feit dat de eventsector als eerste on hold ging, tot stilstand kwam, maar ook al snel een belangrijke rol speelde in de crisis zelf. 'However, we cannot afford to be the last ones to take up business again. Already now, we see devastating effects. EU and national economic support measures delivered short term relief – but not to all companies in our industry. We witness the first bankruptcies among our members.'
De belangrijkste stellingname: 'The exhibition and live communication sector serves vertical industries – we have customers from all sectors – and is ready to play its important role in the recovery of the economy. We offer platforms for businesses and people to connect, trade, discover and learn, to benchmark and become more innovative and competitive. Our sector is a large, complex and well-balanced ecosystem of different disciplines and providers covering exhibition and event venues, organisers, agencies, freight forwarding, stand-construction, lighting, catering, cleaning, digital solutions providers, security and many more. Most of these are SMEs. We serve for example sectorial associations, corporate and institutional clients with different formats like B2B, B2C or B2E (business to employees).'

125 miljard omzetverlies
De Europese organisaties schatten de verlies in de branche op 125 miljard euro. EEIA stelt dat er zonder horizon, zonder een te volgen planning, een complete branche zal verdwijnen. 'It goes without saying the health and safety of the population and our customers is always the utmost priority. The lead time in our sector is mostly 6 months or longer, depending on the type of trade fair or event. Currently, all across Europe, large events are not permitted until July/August in some cases, in most cases until the end of August. This applies to the general category of large events. All events that were planned until that date are cancelled or rescheduled. This means that revenue loss in our industry was around 33% in Q1, is 100% in Q2. The economic support measures will not carry most of the players of the exhibitions and events industry further than the summer. If we cannot open as of September, most of the SMEs will not survive. Over 1.2 million jobs are at risk through the whole value chain (including indirectly supported employments).'

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